BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — It’s heartwarming to see groups of loved ones gather during the holidays.  So heartwarming that you can almost feel a fever coming on. Oh, wait, maybe that’s the ‘Rona creeping in.


“Cheers to you all, my closest… AHEM, can you all hear me in the back?! … Great,” David began to make a toast. “Cheers to you all, my closest pals. What a wild year we’ve had.  But we stuck together through it all.”


“Especially cheers to Kareign for hosting us all this year, since it would be irresponsible to visit our families,” he went on raising a coupe in her direction. “Kareign has also requested that you turn your phones off and put them in this basket I’m passing around. Total social media blackout, guys. You were never here. Alex, you too, I see that Apple Watch. Yes, in the basket. Let’s go people, the food is getting cold. Move move move.”


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