FLORIDA, USA — We are neck deep with travel season in the North Caribbean portion of the United States.  The Daily Expo hit the road this week to gather some travel tips for our vacation-bound readers.  We started our journey in Tampa Bay, where we caught up with some locals for a review of the local beverage scene.


“Oh my god, you’ve gotta try this one,” a local exclaimed shoving a cocktail in our face. “It’s so good. It’s Tina’s though, so give it back to her when you’re done.  I don’t know her, but she’s back there somewhere.”



Our next stop was Miami Beach, where the only thing better than the lazy afternoons are the raucous long nights.  Before getting sweaty on the dance floor that night, we soaked up the sun at a local pool.  Bar patrons reportedly tested positive for jazzy vibes as a local saxophonist billowed over the crowd with smooth, sexy aerosol virus grooves.



Our next stop was up in Orlando, where Disney World swung its door open to visitors this past weekend.  At press time, we were on our way to Trader Sam’s Polynesian Resort to check out their brand new ‘Oops All Punch Bowls’ cocktail program. 


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