WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA — Earlier this week, we sent a crew down to West Palm Beach to speak with local restaurant bar manager, Margie Banks, and get tips on how to successfully reopen a bar post-Covid-19.  They must have been on phase 8 or something; because when we arrived, we couldn’t seem to find an empty seat in the place.  The host quickly approached to help.


“Hi, just one in your party? I can probably squeeze you in right here, between this group of 6 and group of 4,” they said, visibly smiling and waving me over. “Might rub elbows a bit, haha. Here’s your menu and the specials are on the back.”


We quietly snuck out before the barback could fill our water, wondering what the hell is wrong with these people.


Editor’s Note: We have put off our interview indefinitely due to recent regulations that put Florida back in Phase 2.  


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