WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA — Running a professional kitchen is no easy task, and nobody is more vocal about that than Jenny Jones, the executive chef at local institution Vinny’s Trattoria.  Jenny is particularly concerned with food costs; she runs a tight ship.  Last week she hired a professional — the Foodservice Manager at the local penitentiary — to consult on the restaurant’s family meal program.


“These kids come up to the expo station with their mouths open like I’m a big ole’ mamma bird,” Jenny rattled off as we followed her through the kitchen.  “Not only am I giving away free food and putting a strain on my staff, but these little shits have the nerve to complain when it’s not good enough.”


We reached out to David Sloth, the head server at Vinny’s Trattoria, for comment.


”I don’t know how she can sink costs any lower than last week’s SALT SOUP WITH TOAST masterpiece,” he quipped. “I can’t believe they’re taking $5 a week out of my check for this shit.”



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