WORLD WIDE WEB — Fledgling bar industry satire site, The Daily Expo, has teamed up with their friends at Mover & Shaker and Campari America to release a canvas tote for bartender relief.  Those on the scene are reporting that, not just proceeds, but 100% of tote sales are going to Another Round Another Rally,  an organization dedicated to raising emergency funds for our hospitality industry family.




“We are pricing these at a ‘pay what you want’ model. So those with financial means can donate as much as their lil pocketbook will allow. Whether you buy 10 bags at $15 or 1 bag at $150, we encourage all those with income to do so,” a representative of the publication told us. “We understand this is a small drop in the bucket, but we wanted to use the resources we had to make a small dent.”


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