NEW YORK, NEW YORK — When they nicknamed it “The City That Never Sleeps,” they did not have your cell phone in mind.  As anyone who has ever visited the Big Apple can tell you; not only will it eat you alive, it will devour your phone battery as well.


”Please help me, I’m terribly sorry to ask,” a woman said erratically to us while crossing the street. “I have the cord, do you have a plug?”


She was rolling a slightly larger-than-carry-on sized suitcase behind her, and wearing shoes that would indicate her only exposure to NYC had been through Sex & The City.  Before I had time to ask what the hell she was talking about, a large man wearing a hoody approached us. 


“Stay calm everyone, we’re all in this together,” he mumbled in a stoic tone. He was wearing slide sandals with socks, and carrying an overstuffed duffel bag – clearly dressed for TSA.  “I hear there’s a coffee shop on 12th with outdoor plugs. Could be a rumor, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.  I’m headed that way if you want to tag along.  Stay out of my way and don’t make me regret it.”


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