DRY ERASE BOARD, NEWSROOM — We are coming to you LIVE from inside the HQ of local fledgling bar industry satire site The Daily Expo, where the line between reality and fantasy is slowly closing in on the writers.


“I don’t know what we’re doing anymore! Did NBC’s Today Show decide to get into the satire game, and break into our office for ideas?! ” a contributor exclaimed, gently tapping her forehead against a desk.  “That bit about Chuck E Cheese’s fake delivery service being named after their fictional pizza chef was fucking brilliant writing!  They took an idea we had and made it so much better!”


“This is unfortunately the world we’re living in. That is real news,” the editor responded poignantly. “I know it’s hard to keep up. Reality is much better at satire than we are at the moment. We’ll get through this.”


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