SANTIAGO MATATLAN, OAXACA, MEXICO — Mexican authorities are reporting the actor turned Mezcal entrepreneur has been pulled in for questioning after a tipster alleged his recent marriage license in the Mexican region of Oaxaca was a sham citizenship deal arranged by the marketing department at his new Mezcal brand Dos Hombres.


We have crews on the scene at the local municipal courthouse now gathering information.  Just after launching Dos Hombres, Cranstson allegedly married a Oaxacan woman, and is currently filing for citizenship.  Matatlan is known as a center of culture for modern Mezcal production, specifically for Espadin-based distillates like Cranston’s. 


Cranston and business partner, Aaron Paul have recently came under fire by some in the beverage industry for being the latest wealthy US entrepreneurs to buy into the agave game.  Most of the criticism comes from the claims that they are diluting the customs and positioning themselves as ambassadors of the category — all to make a quick buck.  We reached out to representatives at the brand for comment.  They have not gotten back to us.  


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