PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA — From building rounds to building grounds; we caught up with East Liberty bartender Amir Khoury getting ready for the first day at his new gig.


“Yoo, Old Pal Borland, what’s up with that hat?!” his roommate Stephen spurted as Amir walked through the garage door. “Does it even come in a wide brim?”


Amir has recently taken a job in construction until he is able to get back behind the bar.  He quickly walked past Stephen, who also works in the service industry, but probably has rich parents or a bunch of debt or something.


“My man, hey, Fixologist, can you take a look at my bathroom sink?” Stephen went on as Amir put his car in reverse and backed out of the driveway, middle finger out of the window.


“Yo, seriously, hold up. I have a question,” he said as he ran up to the car. “What cocktail did you have in mind when you wrote your 1980 hit single Whip it?”


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