NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Clark Watson has been dreaming of visiting New York’s famous cocktail bars for years and, this summer, he finally took the leap. We caught up with him at the village’s famous cocktail cafe — Dante.


“… and point seven-five Lucano, scant five-eighths lemon juice, shaken, up, orange peel mount…”  We arrived as he was ordering his second cocktail. “We have something like this on our menu but with Suze,” he went on.


“Yeah, I’m having a blast in New York!  I talked at my Dead Rabbit bartender about how I make whipped cream for my Irish Coffee and compared orgeat recipes with the bartender at the Nomad ba… oh NICE, the Morgenthaler Sour,” he spouted abruptly at the bartender as she frothed a drink with a dry shake.


EDITOR’S UPDATE:  2 weeks later Clark was reportedly seen on Facebook berating his experience at Dante, saying it was overrated and that “they batch everything.”





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