VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA — Dating at work is a tough course to navigate, especially if your work relies heavily on teamwork like the front-of-house at a restaurant.  Once word gets out, it’s easy for other coworkers to feel like there is some sort of favoritism going on.  Bartender Dev Milton has recently started dating one of his coworkers, a server named Angie, and will be damned if anyone can call foul on them during a shift.


“Hey Dev, did you see that ticket for table 42?” Angie called out from the pass. He did not react. “Hey DEV! Did you see the ticket I rang in for table 42?!” she called out again, growing slightly annoyed. 


He did not look up from his phone, but glanced out of the corner of his eye to make sure that other members of the staff were around to see the interaction.


“Yeah, I saw it. I’ll get to it in a second,” he said, without looking up at her. “A little busy right now, take a lap and I’ll have it up in a second.”


As he spoke, he open up messages and texted Angie. 


“Hey babe, I’m really sorry, I’ll make that now. Must have forgotten. 🙂 Your place or mine tonight?? <3”


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