WICHITA, KANSAS — It is parent’s weekend at the Wichita State University, but the festivities do not stop at campus.  Local college hangout, Carla’s Tavern, was host to legions of middle aged parents over the weekend.  We met visiting dad, Donny Kowalski, as he was commenting on how dark this dang place is.  He held a menu at arms length before pulling his phone out to use the flashlight.  Minutes later, we strolled back by to check on him.


“Is it in the settings, I just can’t…” he rattled off while fumbling with his phone and wielding the LED like a sword through the bar. “Does anyone have a piece of tape?!  Ah, this thing is broken; I’ll deal with it later,” he said as he slipped the phone in his relaxed fit Levis.  The flashlight was seen vaguely peeking through the woven cotton. 


“I thought it was one of those hold-your-lighter-in-the-air type situations,” commented the local band performing.  “We love looking out into a sea of supportive fans. So when I saw that, we really let it rip with our patented closer, a cover of Lisztomania by Phoenix.” 


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