INDIANAPOLIS, IN — “Whew, TOTAL gridlock on 3rd Avenue!  You guys should have seen the wreck that caused it!  Somebody hit a guy on a bike while texting…and the cyclist was ALSO texting. Can you believe that?!” Derek Watson said this morning in an exaggerated tone as he flung his apron on just a few minutes before brunch service started.  


Brunch at Alfredo’s Caio House is the highest rated in town, the most lucrative shifts of the week.  The place packs out early and fast, opening at 10am sharp.  The service staff is scheduled to arrive at 9am.  It is now 9:48am.


“Then there wasn’t any parking, so I had to park a few blocks away. Wow, you just wouldn’t believe the kind of morning I’ve had!” he went on, making sure all could hear as he walked past expo into the dining room.  “Hey Daria, sorry, it’s a madhouse out there.  Does anyone else want an iced coffee? I can run next door real quick; my treat.”


The floor manager Daria VETO’d this gesture as Derek was immediately sat with a family of 12 that needed 2 high-chairs.


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