Fort Wayne, IN–


In a single act of defiance, Brent Jessup, in town on business, sat down at local gastropub Charred Stave with the confidence of an approaching storm.


Before removing the reading glasses from his Helly Hansen jacket, Jessup ordered up his favorite light lager; without ever looking down to see if there was earth or bar beneath him.


“I’ll just have a Genesee,” Jessup called to an in-motion barback with one finger held to the sky as he positioned his arms on the glistening copper bar top like a commanding general would their trusty steed. “I’ll just have a Genny” Jessup said again when the bartender returned and asked how he was today.


“I’m sorry we don’t carry that,” the bartender said.


“Hmm, must’ve just ran out. I had it last time I was here.”


By publication time – he had settled on a local pale ale and enjoyed it while writing a scathing review about it on Untappd.


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