BILLINGS, MONTANA — We caught up with Ron Clark, who we recently reported had dipped his toe into the cocktail competition circuit.  This time around he made it to the regional finals for a major brand cocktail competition.  We went to offer a congratulations.


“Wow, that was a rush!  My hands are still shaky,” he said to us with a wide-eyed, adrenalin fueled look. “Now that it’s over, I feel silly for spending so much money and time on this thing. It really makes that not-winning-feeling even more sore. I’m never going to look at this bottle and not think about that, ha ha. Excuse me, I’m going to skip rinsing my tools and leave before Alice comes over and I have to act excited for her win. I’m not convinced she even remembers my name.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: 2 minutes later Ron recapped the event on his Facebook page:

“From the brand team to the competitors, thank you to everyone who was apart of this incredible experience!  It was truly and honor and I’m humbled to have been selected to represent my city in this competition. Huge congratulations to my friend Alice! Have fun at the distillery and best of luck at the finals!”  


Stay with The Daily Expo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see if Ron washes his tools when he gets home or just lets them sit in a backpack on the floor for 3 weeks. 

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