MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — “You know that old sell your soul to the devil cliche? The whole bit about Robert Johnson and the Crossroads?” asked former restaurant owner, Maria Dominguez. “Something like that.”


Maria started 2019 by cutting the ribbon at her new cocktail and empanada bar, Paloma Palace, as a sole proprietor.  It was the culmination of years of planning, saving, and working for other people. Finally, her dreams were a reality. Business was looking fruitful until this past March when she was forced to shut down. 


“That was when Marc approached me.”


“During the height of the pandemic, we assessed our opportunities and made acquisitions,” said local investor and new restaurateur, Marcus Everest. “I already owned the Jimmy John’s down the street, so this should be a simple turn key. We knew that Maria had just opened, and her capital was low.  So, back in June, my partner and I approached her with a price that was hard to refuse.”


“I didn’t really have a choice,” Maria went on. “It was either that or I’d have a bankrupt business on my hands. I called them a month later and here I am, the new General Manager of Paloma Palace. We serve crunchy tacos now and I make a reasonable salary.”


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