AKRON, OHIO  — Based on new reports we’re getting out of the downtown area of Akron, allegedly some brotender is just gonna jump in some ladies’ conversation like a moving vehicle. Those on the scene of the full bar are reporting the bartender had just taken his second shot of the night, and was starting to loosen up and think about closing. 


“Oh yeah, Lisbon is beautiful this time of year!” he said while polishing a glass and jumping into the ladies at seats B7 and B8’s conversation completely unprovoked. 


“WHAT?” Seat B8 responded a bit taken back at his sudden presence, holding her hand to her ear to hear him over that one LCD Soundsystem song. “I think we’re good right now!”




“Yeah!” she nodded for a moment until Seat B7 pulled her attention to a something on her phone, probably this article from the DX.  


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