LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS — Investigative units were called out to The Cove, local restaurant in the downtown area when it became unclear why a local dad was standing at the bar, gazing blankly past the bartender.


“Excuse me, can I help you sir?” the bartender finally called out.


“Oh, no thanks.  I’m sitting at the table over there with my family,” the guest responded, pointing to table 17, briefly breaking his gaze at the amber glowing American whiskey shelf.  “I was just checking out your bourbon selection. I’ve had most of these, you got anything hidden back there?” the guest responded.


“You ever had the E.H. Taylor Warehouse C?” the bartender responded, pulling the bottle down.


“Oh yeah, I have a bottle of that bad boy at home.” the dad responded, taking the liberty of removing the cork and touching his nose to the opening. “I’ve got over 100 whiskies in my home cellar. You got any old Japanese bottlings of Willett? I’m really into those right now.”


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