SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — The bar staff at Melody Lounge thought tonight would be a typical Tuesday service.  They thought they knew what to expect when they unlocked the doors at 6pm. Little did they know that a gaggle of super VIPs would be walking through the door.  Tonight was a big night, and Bethany’s friend Michelle made sure to let the staff know when her and the gals arrived.


“Excuse me, HEY, excuse me! It’s her birthday!” she said out loud in the general direction of the bartender, who was making a round of 4 cocktails, taking another 4 orders, and waiting on the POS to print a credit card slip. “Do you do anything special for birthdays?! she followed up.


The bartender gave Michelle a smile and an extended index finger, as if to insinuate that she’d be with them in just a moment. Michelle looked over at the gals and informed them that the bartender was ignoring her.


Editor’s Note: We immediately regretted coming out to cover this story, so to be completely transparent, we sat across the bar and had a beer instead.  As we were leaving, we noticed Michelle pointing out that the bartender accidentally put the birthday shots they ordered on their tab.  


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