PHOENIX, AZ — “Wait, I went where?” Phillip Donovan responded, when a coworker asked for advice on their upcoming Fall session of Camp Runamok.


Phillip, a Tucson native, moved to Phoenix in 2013 to pursue a business degree at the University of Phoenix-Arizona.  He has since graduated, but can’t seem to peel himself away from the industry that got him through — hospitality.  He has made a lifestyle out of attending every educational event he find because, “you should never stop learning.”


“I seriously don’t remember being there at all.” he said, continuing to struggle at offering tangible advice to his successor, Cal.  


Cal, 22, is new on the scene and very excited to dip their toe into the world of bartender education. “Phil has been everywhere. He knows everybody!” we overheard Cal saying after Phillip offered to send a few text message introductions.


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