WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA — Daily Expo Investigative units have been deployed to Ringer Room in the beachside Clematis Street area after tips flooded into our newsroom reporting that local bartender, Arnold Fitz’, favorite cocktail is changing based on which tickets are coming through service.


“See, I sat down and asked him what the best cocktail was,” recounted Beatrice Giley, dumping a packet of Sweet-N-Low in her cocktail. “He pointed to this sage lemon drink, said it was ‘delicious and definitely the best,’ and told me I should order it.”


“Oh then, what was it, about 15 minutes later, I sat down here,” Eunice Carlina jumped in, adjusting her handbag in her lap. “I asked the same question and he recommended this raspberry anise one! I did notice that a few other people had ordered the same one, because he made them all at once. So it did seem to be the popular one.”


“OH, the same thing happened when I ordered mine!” Beatrice announced. “Very strange!”


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