BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA — Genepy Hills has been a fixture in the downtown area for over a decade, serving vaguely French inspired fare with local ingredients from the Sysco Corporation.  During a tense Sunday night service this past week, the point bartender on duty sent a barback, Devon Banister, down to the wine cellar to grab a bottle of wine. 


“Was that the Noir or Grigio?” she said out loud after emerging from the wine cellar a few days later. “Hello? Did the power go out?”


Devon tells The Daily Expo via Facetime that she peeked into an empty kitchen, before cautiously walking through the dark dining room. Tables were upturned and bottles broken.


“Something bad happened here,” she remembers thinking. “What happened to everyone?”


Devon says she doesn’t have a plan yet, but is gathering supplies and setting up camp on the roof of the restaurant for now.


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