GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA — Jessica Bermudez has been toiling away behind the bar at Little Reno’s Lounge for four years and some change.  Change of which, she has seen much of. Many egos have come and gone while she patiently waited for her time to shine  We spoke with her recently, just after that day finally arrived.


“Hi, welcome!  Please have a seat,” she gestured around the concrete 9′ x 12′ converted storage closet. “Yeah, just on that keg is fine. Watch your head that shelf behind you is going to collapse any day now,” she motioned towards a wobbly shelf with 12 cases of well spirits dangling above our head. 


In her rise to power, she acquired a fancy new windowed corner office.  Corner, in that it has 4 of them.  Windowed in that the computer is running some outdated version of Microsoft Windows. 


“This is where I can relax and get my admin work d…” she paused a moment to stomp on a rather large insect crawling across the floor. “…done.  It’s quite peaceful. Especially since nobody gets cell service down here in the basement.”


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