GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA — When Mary Cohn walked into Bartlett’s Grill on Tuesday afternoon, she had no idea the adventure that awaited her.  She approached the bar, took off her bag, and reached under the bar to hang it up.

“It should be under there somewhere,” the bartender allegedly jumped in as Mary waved her hand under the bar. “Shaped like a little octopus. Maybe every other seat?”

“Excuse me. So sorry. Just looking for a…” Mary went on, sliding down the bar, reaching around people along the way. “Do you have one?” she was heard saying as she disappeared into the horizon. 

Eventually Mary returned to her seat, wary from travel.  The bar staff had since all left, replaced by new faces. 

“Alright, there we go. Whew. I’ll start with a water,” she said. “Oope, right in front of me, ha ha.”

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