PORTLAND, OREGON — After launching our campaign for Tales of the Cocktail’s 2020 “Best Cocktail & Spirits Publication” Spirited Award, The Daily Expo set out on a fundraising effort to spread the word and keep the lights on. The first call we made was to a brand who has been a loyal reader since Day 1.  The one brand that comes to mind for us when we think “Fanboi.”


“The Daily Expo? Oh ya, that site my brand ambassadors are always reposting instead of replying to my emails,” the marketing manager of Aviation American Gin told us on the phone, seemingly thrilled at the opportunity. “Sure, I don’t care what it says, just make sure Ryan doesn’t know I spent money on this shit.  Listen, I need to go, but, uh, just Google a bottle image for the article and shoot me an invoice.”


[Aviation American Gin Graphic]


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