CLEVELAND, OHIO — Based on an anonymous tip from a diner, we dispatched an investigative unit to local casual American restaurant Rhombus Room during Sunday dinner service.  The diner, who preferred to remain anonymous until their meal was completed, had a sneaking suspicion that their server was, and we quote, “either super high or brand new.”  Our hidden cameras caught the following exchange around 8:45 PM local time.


“Yo, Ross, what the fuck is this open liquor ticket you rang in for an ARMANI V?” the bartender on duty asked the server in question Ross, who was holding a wine glass up towards the light and polishing it with a soaking wet cloth.


“Oh, it’s an ARM-AN-IVY, can we make that?” Ross replied trying to act confident.


“An Army Navy?  No we don’t have orgeat.”


There was some rustling in the microphone we planted on Ross, and we’re unclear of what was happening, but the next voice we heard was Ross’.


“I’m sorry, we can’t do the Army Navy, we’re out of O’John. Would you like to take a look at the menu again?”


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