BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — It has been a tough couple weeks for everyone navigating the news, staying aware, and wondering how to help. There is hope in the #blacklivesmatter movement, but change is never painless.  We caught up with Baltimore area regional brand ambassador, Martin Donaldson, who says the past couple weeks of allyship have taken an especially hard toll on him emotionally.


“Just a constant onslaught of mini panic attacks. My job requires me to stay abreast on industry trends and active on social media.  Especially now, since I can’t physically visit accounts. Every time I say something topical, about systematic racial inequity for instance, I go into a cold sweat until until validation hits. Every time a piece of news hits, I have to like everyone’s share to let them know that I’m with it. Very stressful times we’re living in.  It was so much easier when I could just post about Happy Hours and ironically drink at TGI Fridays or whatever.”


Martin excused himself to continue rewriting and deleting the same platitudinal post over and over, wondering if the world even needs to hear from him today.


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