PORTLAND, MAINE — In the middle of an 8:30pm table turn lull, he realizes it. It’s time. Server Bryan Seltzer has to act fast; for the next 15 minutes, the dining room at Plume Room will look manageable with one less server covering it. 


He checks the restrooms on his way to the server station, and pulls towels from one to replace another – making them both equally 1/4 full.


There are 2 racks of silver waiting at the server station. He quickly snatches enough knives from both racks to fill a tray, wiping them 15 at a time. The rest get consolidated into one mega rack and put back into dish. 


“These need another run, they’ve got microgreens all over them.”


At this point the escape mission is on a timer; he only has about 2 minutes to get out the door. He picks up the tray of knives, pulls his tie halfway down, and approaches the manager’s office with a deep breath.


“Hey, I think Tina is trying to make some money, and it’s pretty mellow on the floor. I’ve already refilled the bathrooms and polished a couple racks,” he said while casually holding his checkout report out. “You mind if I get out of here?”




He pulls the tie fully off, unbuttons the top buttons, and grabs his backpack before heading upstairs to the dining room.


“Hey Tina, Margo cut me. Anything I can do for you before I head out?”


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