MADISON, WISCONSIN — Taking a break from the bleak, local agave themed bar Pulque All Day is celebrating their fifth year in business with a big birthday bash for the staff.


“Can’t believe it’s been another year already,” the bar’s owner David Smith said while lighting candles on the banquet. “We’re planning our reopening now, but took a break to celebrate with the staff. I invited our new hire bartender, Selena, in to meet everyone as well.”


“I’ve actually been working in the back of house for a 3 years. I just put in another application as a bartender and everyone thinks I’m new,” Selena told us solely with her eyes. “Olvídalo. Looking forward to learning about bartending and agave spirits anyway.” 


“Dave says you’re a second generation Mexican immigrant, Selena? Should be an easy training for you!” the bar manager jested. “You could probably teach us a thing or two!”


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